The Team of Madness


Brent Darcy

Brent is a marketing expert at Madness Marketing where he has created and executed online marketing campaigns for several books, websites and brands. Outside of authors he works with multi-talented musicians to build and maintain their media narratives.

Prior to joining Madness Marketing, Brent founded and ran a hotel in Brighton, UK which hosted over 3,000 people in two years.

He is a graduate of Florida State University and Columbia University. He currently lives in London.

His spare time, though rare, is spent eating chicken wings with his wife and their “little 6 year old monster”.





Alan Berkeley

Alan loves what he does. Whether it’s meeting, planning, designing, coding, He is excited about getting to work. The passion has resulted in 12 years of award winning projects for diverse clientele including Dow Jones Indexes, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records and AETN.

When not engaged in the next Madness Marketing endeavor Alan can be found stomping through Kent parks with his lovely wife and kids.








Emma Mir

Emma is an editor, ghostwriter and story consultant for creatives of all stripes. Her focus is in helping writers, personalities and companies tell their story to audiences across multiple platforms.

As an editor, Emma has been behind multiple bestsellers. As a ghostwriter, she has conceptualized, written or punched-up books in the humor, self-help, advice/how-to, business, and memoir categories. As a story consultant, Emma works closely with film producers, London publishing companies and multinationals in the energy, travel, technology and healthcare sectors.

She helps maintain the inner chi between projects and the team.

When not in the middle of developing a solid project plan, you can find her tinkering around with her Volkswagen rabbit and enjoying the company of good friends.





Daniel Neville

Daniel is a front end developer who loves his craft. He brings with him several years of experience in a range of different environments including software development, pharma, and advertising. He treats every project as a challenge to increase his skill and push the potential of what is possible.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop, PHP, DotNet, WordPress, SEO, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, .NET, .NET MVC, etc. You can ask Daniel if he has any programming and website developing skill you can think of and the answer is yes.

When Dan’s not interactively coding he enjoys assaulting his drum kit.





Frank Gifford

Frank cares about winning, crushing competition and bringing profits to clients (he’s a little over the top). In 2015 he founded Madness Marketing with a handful of clients and a full bottle of whiskey in a small apartment bedroom. Months and bottles later, MM has evolved into an creative firm brimming with hyper-talented individuals. Frank loves being involved every step of the way from strategy to creative to deployment and has an unrelenting drive to keep MM moving forward.

He day dreams about being a 19th century beverage salesman earning his living from the back of his truck in the Wild Wild West.